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Payroll Made Simple

The Payroll module of Workplace Enterprise® is Viet Nam compliant and "Payroll Made Simple". It allows you to work smarter, reduce your workload with payroll automation, payroll and compensation scheduling, so you can be ahead of schedule every month. Reduce costs for payroll and HR administration with a fully auditable history while increasing operational efficiency, accuracy, security, and it's accessible from anywhere via the Internet or on your company's intranet.


Overall Features
  • Centralized Information
  • Information Sharing
  • Data Consistency
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Real-time Reporting
  • World Wide Access
  • Available From Anywhere
  • Automatic Payroll Scheduling
  • Payroll Grouping
  • Variable Compensations
  • Compensation Scheduling
  • Compensation Approvals
  • Tax Calculations
  • SIMIUI Calculations
  • Expat and Local Employees
  • Wire Transfer Management
  • Multiple Currencies
  • PIT and SI Exchange Rate Management
  • Personal Income Tax Report
  • Health Insurance Report
  • Social Insurance Report
  • Unemployment Insurance Report
  • Payroll Closing Reports
  • Payroll Difference Reports
  • Auditable Payroll History
  • Complete Approval History
  • Export Reports to Excel
  • Meets Vietnamese (VAS) Reporting Requirements

Payroll VN requires the
Human Resources module

Payroll Made Simple Payroll Made Simple – Simplify processing of Viet Nam payroll using Corigo Payroll and be certain your calculations are correct and Viet Nam payroll law compliant. Let Corigo Payroll handle the nuances of calculating for PIT, SI, MI, and UI tax rates, non-taxable reductions, salary caps, minimum monthly wage, multiple compensation PIT taxtables, etc. Take the hassle out of managing change by using the built-in interface so as Viet Nam payroll law changes you can simply and easily adjust how payroll calculates to remain compliant.

Payroll Step-by-Step Payroll Step-by-Step – Effortless color coded step-by-step payroll processing makes calculations a breeze. Before processing update employee information and assign compensations, enter employee leave taken into Leave Management, then approve compensations, all at once or individually. Review the payroll before calculating and if everything is order, run payroll. Next review and verify the calculation results. If you find

an error, you can go back and correct the problem, then recalculate again until you are 100% satisfied. Once satisfied, close the payroll by doing final approvals and move it into long term history.

Payroll Automation Payroll Automation – Calculating payroll is complicated business and requires flexibilty and efficiency. Corigo Payroll provides the flexibilty and efficiency you need through automation to help you save time. Organize employees into payroll groups and pre-scheduled payroll calculations. Only manage employee one-off changes; such as salary, leave and compensations modifications; and not worry about the others because they will be handled automatically. Want to run multiple payroll schedules at once? No problem with Corigo Payroll, make as many schedules as you need, tailoring payroll to suit your organization.

Robust Error handling Robust Error Handling – Because calculating payroll is so complicated, Corigo Payroll provides full error diagnostics for when things go wrong, leading you to the problem so it can be corrected, bringing absolute clarity to all your payroll processing. Robust warning messages let you know what Corigo Payroll has done. For instance, that SI, MI or UI was not paid, what exchange rate was used for foreign currency salaries and compensations, and more. It even keeps count of how many compensations were paid and not paid and, of course, error and warning counts. Everything is accounted for.

Auditable Results Auditable Results – Every detail of a payroll schedule's calculaton is automatically collected and recorded into payroll history. You can browse the payroll results by department or employees individually, see how much tax and insurance was paid, what salaries were used, compensations paid, taxes and insurances paid, definitions for taxes and insurances and compensations, along with warning and error messages, plus so much more. And of course generate reports from the results.

Excel Import Excel Import – Do you need to manage employee information, dependents, compensation assignments, and leave outside Corigo Payroll and Human Resources Lite? Then no worries, use the Excel based import tool to update the system with all the necessary changes. Import the Excel files and Corigo Human Resources will be automatically updated and ready to run for payroll.

Compensation Mass Assign Tool Compensation Mass Assign Tool – The Compensation Mass Assign Tool makes assigning compensations to employees a snap. Manage 100's or 1000's of employees without breaking a sweat.

Reports Reports – Pre-built and ready to use industry standard reporting based on the Society for Human Resource Management standards. We also provide Crystal Reports compatibility and standard output to Microsoft Excel and Word. Supplement your system with a low cost custom report packages designed to your specifications and Corigo becomes the obvious choice. See the features list to the right for more of our standard reports.