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The Human Resources Lite module in Workplace Enterprise® gives you flexibility you need. With Human Resources Lite you can manage employees integrated with your business structure into a self-service and automated system where your company can significantly reduce management time and costs. Human Resources Lite includes tools for assisting companies that manage their HR needs outside the system.


Overall Features
  • Centralized Information
  • Information Sharing
  • Data Consistency
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Worldwide Access
  • Available From Anywhere
  • Salary Management
  • Contract Management
  • Employment Dates
  • Employment Termination
  • Employment History
  • Payroll History
  • SI, MI, UI Details
Employee Data
  • Company Contact and Location Information
  • Personal Information
  • Dependents Management
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Education
  • Language
Leave Management
  • Leave History
  • Annual Leave Report
  • Maternity Leave Management
  • Custom Leave Types
    • Paid and Unpaid
    • Sick Leave
    • Maternity Leave
    • Company Leave

Payroll VN requires the
Human Resources Lite module

Define Company Standards Company Standards – Set corporate standards with Corigo's employee classification system. Organize employees into position classification groups, job titles and salary ranges. Keep management always informed of the latest standard company salaries for each position and level in your corporation. Setup company work hours for everyday of the week and define a company calendar for company days off and public holidays.

Employee Management Employees – Your companies most valuable assets are its employees. With Workplace Enterprise® it is easy to organize and retrieve your employees records, contracts, CVs and more. Assign employees a department, report to manager, an employee ID, track employee personal data, addresses, emergency contact information, education, working location, and much more with ease. Import from Excel employee details and changes if your company has an external HR system.

Employment Management Employment – Each employee, whether they are a local or expatriate, has employment information related to human resources and payroll. Manage salaries, probation, assign the employee to a payroll group and PIT tax table, assign position classifications and salary level based on the company standards, calculate payroll based on net or gross salary types, store resignation details such as reason and pay through date with notes, manage all employment dates, social insurance dates and numbers, plus much more.

Dependents Management Dependents – Manage dependents with the easy to use interface. Indicate if they are tax deductible or not with effective dates. Store details about the dependent, name, gender, relationship, date of birth, occupation, notes, and tax ID. Import dependents using the Excel import tool.

Leave Management Leave – Integrated leave management is completely configurable along with full leave history. Setup company leave types as required, indicate which are company, paid, sick or maternity leave. Record employee leave easily and quickly for hours worked on the day taken, skipping non-work days automatically as indicated in the company calendar and hours worked per day of the week. Import leave using the Excel import tool and view leave taken on staff calendars simplifiyng management. Leave taken is integrated with Payroll for proper accounting of unpaid and maternity leave.

Reporting Report – Pre-built and ready to use industry standard reporting based on the Society for Human Resource Management and Vietnam government standards. Design your own pay slips and reports using the Workplace Enterprise® system. Have less headache by generating required monthly government reports and pay slips using the Excel template system designed to be simply updated by you. Add to this compatibility with Crystal Reports, standard Microsoft Excel and Word out, and low cost custom report packages designed to your specifications and Corigo becomes the obvious choice.