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The name Corigo derives from the words Core – meaning central, necessary, at the base of, and Origo – Latin for original.

The Workplace Enterprise® business management system exemplify our choice of name.

Corigo Development

At the core of any business are the people who work there. They are the back bone, the muscle and the brain that help a company to succeed. From this base the company's products are produced, communication and capabilities are enhanced within the scope and structure of the business.

Corigo decided to use this concept of a business core as the starting point for developing a business management system. From the corporate structure and heirarchy, to managing staff, time keeping, measuring capacity, and finally to managing the projects and production of the company itself.

Starting at the core functions of a business allows a stable starting point to grow and add on new features and functions quickly and easily. It also allows Corigo to produce software that we can truly say adds real value to your company.